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At the Metro of Lima

((Atocongo Station) (a short radio play))

"Full with half comic throbbing of mankind, this radio play is composed in solid, emotional dialog that is genuine both in its suggestion and in its suitability. So I accept." The Author
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Rosa (girl to Papa Augusto-47-years of age)

Dennis (child in law-59-years of age)

Father Augusto (Father to Rosa and David, 91-years of age)

Sofia (little girl in law to Papa Augusto, wife to David-37-years of age)

Maria Sofia (Granddaughter to Papa Augusto-10-years of age)

David (child to Papa Augusto, spouse to Sofia-39-years of age)

Martha (eldest little girl to Papa Augusto-54-years of age)

Two individuals standing the Atocongo Station, in Lima, Peru, it is four prior days Christmas; they are sitting tight for the train, and two other relatives, Sofia and Maria Sofia (or Mary-Sofia), are to go Christmas shopping. David is going past the yellow line, searching down the tracks for the train, in the meantime searching for his wife Sofia and his girl Maria Sofia looking at the steps paving the way to the stage where the train will stop, Sofia is to get her little girl upon entry back from Satipo, the Central Jungle of Peru (where they are building a motel), then take a taxi over to Martha's flat in Jesus-Maria, an area of Lima, and get her girl, then hightail over to the train station close Maria Sofia's Uncle Dennis' and Rosa's home.

There is music out of sight, Christmas music, where it is originating from, is flawed, just the station supervisor and God knows.

A Voice: Here she comes!

The music gets louder. You can hear strides. You can hear a couple of mumbles then they cease to exist.

You can hear the crescendo of the train whistle approach; the sound of iron and steel on the tracks surging.

The train now enters the dock region inside the station, pulls up to the edge, there is a murmuring, a thumping. Presently the clamor of the individuals remaining on the wharf are going to board the train- (English and Spanish blended voices, whatever, nonetheless you lean toward) then a dead stop of the train.

Voice comes over an uproarious speakers saying: Stand once again of the yellow line until the train opens up its entryways and the travelers leave, and after that venture up... (Rehashes.)

David: Rosa, do you see Sofia or Mary-Sofia, they're to reach us here?

Rosa: We can sit tight for her, hold up for next train don't stress, they come like clockwork, she'll be along.

David: I exited Mary-Sofia with Martha, she's viewing her for the weekend, however Sofia was to lift her up, when she touched base back from Satipo!

Sofia all of a sudden shows up on the stage holding minimal ten-year old Mary-Sofia's arm. Father Augusto is with them, he drags the heels of his feet to a degree and you can hear the sound on the concrete, and steps his stick, venture to step, unknowingly or intentionally, he loves his consideration. Also as of late he had a mishap, breaking his femur, along these lines, he's been laid up in Huancayo, up in the Andes this time, and it has part of the way recuperated, this is his first genuine visit back up to Lima in a long while. It was an eight-hour transport ride to Lima.

Rosa: Oh, Sofia, there you are! (Sofia rushes towards Rosa, leaving Mary-Sofia to aid her granddad, meeting Rosa-up close and personal, and David surging over to welcome his wife in the meantime) David's been so stressed, anxious as a rabbit being pursued by a dog (they both laugh, David smiles).

Father Augusto stalling a little as Mary-Sofia hurry towards them.

David (at long last, after a welcome kiss): Where on God's earth you been?

Father Augusto (coolly): Martha's, we've been at Martha's, and you know how she gets a kick out of the chance to talk, and talk and talk.

David: All this time?

Father Augusto: Maria Sofia consumes so moderate, you could drain a hundred goats!

Father Augusto pacing around, stalling, crashing his stick... David kisses his little girl, embraces her.

Sofia (to David): The reality of the situation is, your father was in the "men"s" at Martha's if you catch my drift... ((?)(then quietly in a whisper)) That's the reason we're late...

Rosa: We can get the following train (Rosa goes to kiss Papa Augusto and provide for him an enormous embrace, he loves it however the embrace is verging on excessively long, and he complains a tinge, says in his kissing, and higher pitched voice, the one he puts something aside for such events:' Yaw, Okay, okay!').

Rosa (proceeds with): Why are you here dad?

Dad Augusto: I needed to shock Dennis, where is he?

Rosa: Taking a break at home. I see dad, you have a tie on Dennis provided for you it looks great on you, and the ring he provided for you, Dennis dependably loves it when he sees you with the ring on, he says it makes you resemble a big cheese. (Stop.)

Dad Augusto: Now don't bother about that, you ought to have brought Dennis along.

Rosa (her voice a little dejectedly) I didn't have any acquaintance with you were advancing.

Dad Augusto: I had such some major snags getting here with this leg and all, this inept stick, up those flights of stairs, impending the distance down on a transport from Huancayo to this dusty-overcast city, with all the "rateros" (burglars) I simply provided for them a couple of my mean looks and they upheld off... Dennis and I are warriors you know... (Stop.)

David: Let's do a reversal and wake Dennis up, perhaps he'll run Christmas shopping with us, that will make father content?

Daddy Augusto: Good Idea, yes, who knows, I'm 100-years of age, possibly more, I may be dead tomorrow, how about we check whether he is up, I may never get to see him in the event that we don't.

Rosa: Okay however you know he loves his snoozes. Dad you're 91-years of age, not 100.

Daddy Augusto: How would you know, you weren't conceived yet, they never even had a conception declaration of me until I went to the courthouse and they recorded the day I went there, not the ten-years prior as my birthday ought to have been? So how old does that make me?

Rosa: Yaw, I assume there's some truth to that, mama even said that before she passed on.

Dad Augusto (in his kissing, and higher pitched voice): Yaw, Okay, Okay!

... we should

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